Cutlery Service


After months of local research, we found that many families have 10- 15 kitchen knives that are too dull to simply cut the skin on a tomato. Dull knives are much more dangerous to use and frustrating to work with. Our “guaranteed professional” edge will put your cutlery back in better than new condition or we will re-sharpen it again for free!

We have sharpened cutlery for a large commercial beef company in Atlanta for over 7 years along with 23 years experience sharpening cutting tools for the metal working industry and will now offer this service and personal skill to our residential neighbors in Carrollton and the surrounding area.

The “precision cutting edge” we produce is created using a commercial sharpening machine called a “Tru-Hone” used in many steak houses and beef processing companies. This edge will be stronger and will last longer!

Adair’s Machine Service, Inc. is our current company name, adding Carrollton Cutlery Service at the same location.

106 Parkwood Circle
Carrollton, Ga. 30117

(This location is across the street from Ra-Lin and two buildings down from the KISS102.7 and B-92.1 radio station next door to West Ga. Electric).

Your inquiries are invited. It will be a pleasure to be of service.